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Project Description
Bencode library to encode and decode bencoding strings. Bencode is most often used in Bittorrent applications, for encoding of .torrent files.

This library is developed in C#.

Authors note: I've recently discovered some speed issues, as well as issues with reading strings that include special characters. If you need this library to work in production environments or otherwise would like speed and reliability (:P), I'd suggest looking at the MonoTorrent project. They have a pretty well complete and reliable BEncoding library.


I've created a Nuget package which you can subscribe to.
It's available here: Nuget (removed due to aforementioned issues)

You can install it directly in Visual Studio by typing this into the Nuget package manager:
PM> Install-Package BencodeLibrary


I've begun a rewrite as of the 17th of July 2012.
Initial tests (for example iterating all my local torrents) show that the library is now much more stable.


The library is documented in code, using XML markup. This can be viewed using Visual Studio or any other XMLDoc browser. Bencoding itself, and bittorrent in general, are documented here:

Blog post

Before I did my rewrite, I adjoined the project with a blog post. It can still be viewed here.

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